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Did you know that your laundry stain remover powder is fab for cleaning trainers? I tried out @homescentsne powder on my daughters trainers and they have turned out fab! Swipe across for close ups of before and after. I added a little water to the powder to make a paste and scrubbed with an old tooth brush.


What is Dog Confidence Spray?

It is designed to de-stress, reassure and build confidence in nervous dogs. More specifically when around large crowds, strange places, visits to the vets, car journeys and fireworks. 

Ruby was the perfect product tester for this, because like most dogs she can become very anxious with fireworks and sudden noises. We simply sprayed the solution onto a cloth and gently brushed her from head to tail.

How did we get on with the Dog Shampoo? 

If you’re a fan of masculine scents then this one is for your pooch! Combining cedarwood and lavender left Ruby smelling amazing for days! 

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