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Botanical Bath Salts

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Botanical Bath Salts
Aromatic, relaxing bath salts infused with special blends of essential oils to suit your mood.
Made with Epsom salts to help restore and re-vitalise tired bodies.

Lavender & Palma rosa

Promotes calm and helps reduces anxiety and the level of stress hormones. Use in the evening to ensure a good night's sleep.

Neroli & Geranium

Uplifts body and soul. Perfect support for anyone feeling low, exhausted or depressed.

Juniper & Rosemary

Soothes aching muscles and joints. Promotes increased blood circulation releasing tension and refreshing body tissues.


Sprinkle two capfuls into your bathwater and relax...


Ingredients Epsom salt, essential oils.


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Customer reviews
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The bath salts have a wonderful fragrance,and, once dissolved in the bath water, smell like the sea. Dissolve quickly and disperse away, leaving only a relaxing, fragrant tub of water.
Helen B.
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All brilliant.
Lisa I.
Northumbrian Botanicals Ltd.