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Hand & Surface Sanitiser Kit

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Hand & Surface Sanitiser Kit
The Daily Mail says: "This Hand Sanitiser is one of the best germ busters. Protects against seasonal flu."

Surface Sanitiser is a natural anti-viral spray for all washable surfaces formulated with essential oils chosen for their powerful anti-viral properties.

Directions: spray onto a paper towel and wipe the surface thoroughly.
Ingredients: Water, Sugar Beet Surfactant, Citric acid, Sodium sesquicarbonate, Xanthan gum, blend of anti-viral & anti-bacterial essential oils.

Hand Sanitiser is an anti-viral foam formulated with essential oils chosen for their ant-viral properties.

Directions: Dispense on to the palm of your hand and distrubute over skin.
Ingredients: De-ionised Water, Sugar Beet Surfactant, Aloe Vera, Sodium sesquicarbonate, Citric acid, Xanthan gum, Vitamin E, blend of anti-viral essential oils.


Northumbrian Botanicals Ltd.
Company number: 11378981