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Luxury Large Candle

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Luxury Large Candle
Bedtime Bliss
A wonderful scent that helps relax the mind and body to help you sleep well.
Citrus Grove
Bursts with fresh, zesty citrus notes of Italian lemon groves in autumn.
Rose Bouquet
Captures the dewy, soft aroma of freshly cut English rose petals.
Heralding the arrival of spring: the clean and fresh yet warm and heady scent of a bunch of Narcissi.
Wild Mint
Wonderfully bright, refreshing, bold and uplifting, Wild Mint calms the nerves and soothe the senses.
Woody Whiskey
Warm and grounding this rich woody scent will please the whiskey connoisseur.

220g soy wax with pure essential oils. Burns for 60hrs. Allow the candle to burn until the melt pool fills the entire width of the jar on the first burn. Avoid draughts and trim the wick to before re-lighting.   
Northumbrian Botanicals Ltd.
Company number: 11378981