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Paws for Nature Dog Confidence Spray

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Paws for Nature Dog Confidence Spray

Paws for Nature Dog Confidence Spray

A unique all-natural product developed to help de-stress, re-assure, socialise and build confidence in nervous 

Our confidence spray is ideal for any situation that may create a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety such as: Noisy occassions, e.g. Fireworks; Large crowds; Strange places; Car journeys; Visits to the vet; Use to calm and settle at night.

Confidence Spray combines Lavender,Tangerine and Frankincense essential oils to restore calm and confidence. Like humans, our furry friendsí nervous systems respond to the healing properties of essential oils


Spray directly onto a soft cloth and smooth over the body
from neck to tail and watch as the essential oils work on your pet (avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth).



De-ionised water, Extra virgin olive oil, Lavender hydrosol, Lavender, Tangerine and Frankincense essential oils.


Northumbrian Botanicals Ltd.
Company number: 11378981