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Violet's Multi-Surface Cleaner

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Violet's Multi-Surface Cleaner
100% natural - vegan certified - non toxic - biodegradable - no alcohol

Powerful natural kitchen and bathroom cleaner

Use on all washable surfaces indoors and out. The lovely blends of essential oils make cleaning a pleasure and they are naturally anti-bacterial/viral.

For washable floors, add to hot water for use with traditional mops or microfibre pads.

No need to use gloves and safe to use around pets and children.

Available in 500ml spray bottles and Ultra Violet's concentrated refills

Ingredients: Northumberland water, Tegobetaine, Citric acid, Sodium sesquicarbonate, Essential oil blends.

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Scent : Cedarwood & PatcholiSize liquid : 5L
Works really well and left my home with a lovey fresh scent.
Karen W.
Northumbrian Botanicals Ltd.
Company number: 11378981