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Violet's Oven Cleaner

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Violet's Oven Cleaner
Natural ingredients - non toxic - safe for septic tanks - biodegradable
NO harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrance

Easy to use, this naturally tough oven cleaner helps clean away stubborn baked-on grease. 

Simply pre-heat oven to 200 degrees.
alf fill a baking dish (not aluminium) with hot water and stir in 3 capfuls of Violet's Oven Cleaner and  dissolve. Place dish in the centre of the oven. Switch oven off and leave with the door closed until oven has cooled down.
Simply wash with warm soapy water, leaving sprarkling clean results.

note: not suitable for lacquered stainless steel
Ingredients: Natural soap, sodium sesquicarbonate, sodium percarbonate, washing soda.
4 TREATMENTS IN 1 220gm tub 

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Customer reviews
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We have a newshower and live in a very hard water area. This left everything shiny , smooth and smelling fresh. It didn't seem to scratch the surfaces.I must admit I did have to rub quite hard in places because of the build up. Perhaps I should have bought some of this sooner.
Margaret P.
Northumbrian Botanicals Ltd.
Company number: 11378981